AICSYS Inc your Legacy System Solutions

Having issue with Legacy Computer System?

Having problems while integrate your obsolete system to new computer?

Difficult to find phase out product for your out dated computer system?

AICSYS Inc. understands the demand of fast changing technology while remaining cost wise. We live with Legacy Systems, the bank machine you use, the phone system in your company, the control system of conveyor belt in your local supermarket checkout or airport for luggage system, bus pass system, educational workstations in school systems, military, transportation, health care, energy system and a lot more. AICSYS Inc. works with our customers to solve these obsolete/phase-out computer systems.

AICSYS Inc. maintains your legacy system while help you migrate to the new application. Some existing Industrial and Military automations were invested heavily in expensive system such as control automation and data acquisition application. Legacy System appears when an obsolete or phase out computer hardware are still in use; The main cause for legacy system when a functional system cannot be reintegrated or transferred to a newer system due to hardware functionalities and new technology compatibilities. Countless systems were being neglected or left out for the continuity due to the original manufacturer decided a product is no longer in demand or does not generates enough profit. This is where the EOL or phase-out product problem comes from, most of time. Especially, when a costly system is in fine working condition, and only needs a maintenance or in need of parts replacement. This is what AICSYS Inc. Legacy System Solution and OEM/ODM customization project services could provide, a small MOQ requirement with reasonable price.

AICSYS Inc. is an IPC hardware manufacturer based in Taiwan of high quality industrial application system automation products. Our products range from Industrial Rackmount Chassis & Wallmount (Box) Chassis, Backplanes, SBC, industrial LCD/KVM drawer, Panel PC and other IPC hardware accessories. We also specialized in OEM/ODM customization project services.

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