Choose a good Industrial PC chassis, not a cheap PC chassis

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Chassis are the first and most important line of defense against the hazardous environment for Industrial Computing.
An IPC chassis with good ventilation can lower the internal temperature to ensure proper system operation.
A well shielded Industrial chassis can reduce electromagnetic interference from nearby machinery or equipment.
Also, a good designed IPC chassis can help absorb shock and vibration exerted on the system.
Besides protecting the system for uninterrupted operation, IPC chassis are critical for shortening the inevitable down-time.
Whether it’s for system maintenance, system upgrade, or parts replacement, a well designed Industrial IPC chassis will help complete the task as quickly as possible.

Although IPC chassis is the most important part of an Industrial PC system, the price is relatively low compared to the whole system.
A complete system with the application software can be priced up to ten thousands US$ while a very good Industrial PC chassis will be priced a hundred dollars only.
Therefore to make a good IPC system, please make sure to choose a good Industrial PC chassis, not a cheap PC chassis.

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