The Uniqueness of a Customize Backplane

The Uniqueness of Customized OEM/ODM Backplane

Apr 20, 2016
AICSYS Inc., understands the distinctive uniqueness to be the provider for value added OEM/ODM service. We offer a flexible and customized designs with manufacturing expertise in wide range areas to meet these special specification for a small quantities projects, to help customer to reduce the development effort and time to market.

All AICSYS backplane are fully tested to guarantee high level of quality and reliability to provide the top performance reliabilities for critical system application. Since a Backplane is a board which works with a CPU card (SBC) for providing more expansion slots such as ISA, PCI slots, it can add extra function by adding cards to the system. The structure of the Backplane and CPU card (SBC) determine the level of upgrading and maintenance of the system by just changing the CPU card. Such as segmented backplane allows multi-system on one backplane (ex. Dual, Quadruple and Segmentable systems backplane).

Not all customers or system integrators require the complete turnkey solution our standard backplanes provide. For those applications that require different expansion slot combinations or a customized layout due to chassis or application restrictions; those solution will be provided by our highly qualitied OEM/ODM R&D teams. Our design and technical team pays special attention from Layout of PCB, then Etching on the board, to soldering, drilling, SMT, DIP, scrubs and component parts etc. to ensure the Best Quality of a product and product by earth friendly materials such as RoHS compliance for GreenIT.


AICSYS Inc. has nearly twenty years of experiences in developing Backplane, SBC and Chassis with OEM/ODM service from design to manufactures and system integration to industrial ruggedize application, such as passive or bridged backplanes for full or half size SHB, ISA, PISA, PCI and PCIe express with PICMG 1.3 and PICMG 1.0 ready to use for system integration application to secure the full satisfaction from our customers.

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