WMC-403M- Wallmount Micro ATX chassis

Industrial computer’s chassis size is very important because it will affect what kind of Motherboards and hardware the users can choose to use. It also affects how flexible the system can be upgraded and can be maintained as well as the cooling for the IPC system.

The size of the IPC chassis is also equal to how much room your system takes up and how portable it is. This is one of the most important concerns for the System Integrators, because everybody’s working environment is different, and different users may need different levels of portability.

Which size of the IPC chassis users can choose for is often influenced by which kind of the motherboards they have and vice versa. Different motherboards have different form factors (size, architecture), so if you have a small motherboard you can choose for a small IPC chassis,

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The most popular motherboard’s form factors in the market, from the biggest to the smallest, are Standard ATX, micro-ATX (mATX), and mini-ITX. Smaller motherboards may have fewer RAM slots, PCIe slots, and less storage ports. Micro-ATX board brings the balance of price and applications to end users.

Besides standard wallmount IPC chassis for ATX motherboards, AICSYS has designed and produce a smaller Wallmount chassis for Micro ATX motherboard called WMC-403M.

The IPC chassis WMC-403M can be mounted horizontally or vertically with (1) 5.25″ and (1) 3.5” ext. drive bays, (1) 2.5” internal drive bay plus (1) 12cm ball-bearing fan with replaceable air filter for optimum cooling.

The IPC chassis WMC-403M is compact and small enough for most applications but still supports Micro ATX Motherboards, this is the best option, because micro-ATX motherboards offer more than mini-ITX motherboards in terms of RAM slots, PCIe slots, and storage expandability.

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Most micro-ATX motherboards offer a couple of PCIe ports with x16 lanes, and this is even more than enough for most applications such as ATM machines, surveillance system or gaming.

The Industrial chassis WMC-403M can be used as office tower case or wallmount Industrial chassis and it also offer a reasonable amount of room for cable management. It supports PS2 power supply which is widely available in the market given the users the flexibility to choose the power supply they need and easy to find.

Please contact AICSYS for more information about the IPC chassis WMC-403M.

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