MS-8 / MS-16 – KVM Switches

CAT5 8/16 - port KVM switch

  • 8 / 16 – port CAT5 KVM switch
  • Supports up to two users with optional CAT5 module or IP module
  • Provides PS/2 and USB interface for PC connection
  • Supports Windows, DOS, Netware, Unix and Linux
  • Supports MAC and Sun Micro Systems
  • Easy PC selection via On Screen Display (OSD) menu, push buttons, hotkeys
  • Provides various hotkey for switching PC port and other control functions
  • Provides ACL (Access Control List) security function
  • Hot Plug – connected PCs without re-booting the KVM switch or PC
MS-8 / MS-16 - KVM Switches


MS-8 / MS-16 – KVM Switches

PC Port Connector RJ45
PC Ports 8 or 16
MAX. Distance (KVM Switch to Host) 130 feet (40M)
Video Resolution (Local Console) 1920 x 1440
Console Ports One (One Local)
Optional one CAT5 Remote Console or 1 IP Remote Console
Keyboard / Mouse Emulation PS/2 & USB
Max. PC Connection 120 for MS-8, 128 for MS-16
Power DC Power adapter: 12V@2.5A
Dimensions 442 x 140 x 44 mm / 17.4 x 5.5 x 1.7 inches

KVM MS-8 8-Port CAT5 KVM switch Includes: (1) Daisy chain cable, & (2) combo dongles
KVM MS-16 16-Port CAT5 KVM switch Includes: (1) Daisy chain cable, & (2) combo dongles
Combo Dongle KVM to PC cable 3 to 1 CAT5 combo transmitter dongle with VGA & Keyboard & Mouse (PS/2 & USB) output
HDB-2D15 Daisy chain cable (D-sub 15P to D-sub 15P)
IP module For MS& VS series 2nd IP remote console through internet
Cat5 module & R-kit For MS& VS series 2nd CAT5 remote console & Receiver kit